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Creative Solutions

There is a reason you are here. We will make that reason crystal clear.


  • Identify and Reach the full potential of your product.

  • We Connect You with “Big Box” Retailers….How Far Can Your Brand Go?


  • We Create Worldwide Licensing Relationships….Have you Discovered your Opportunities?


  • We Navigate the Process for Mass Merchant Success….Get Ready for “Big Ticket” Retail!

  • We Bring New Business Ideas to Market….Is your concept ready for Global awareness?

The CBG “Retail Reach” Program….Connect with Big Box Retailers:

Target, Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, & Big 5

We provide you with tools to manage your growth and clarify your next plan of action….NOW is the time to GO FURTHER…

We will study your needs and locate your blind spots.  We will create an innovative approach to produce a solution and you will benefit from profitable RESULTS.

No matter what stage of success you have achieved, or plan to reach, we will provide you the tools to exceed your highest level of expectations….as you evolve your strategy, we assist in locating the blind spots that often go unnoticed during the growth cycle and clear the path for the next stage of your success.


  • Full Research of Company Operations with Statistical Data.

  • Customized Methods to Optimize Accounting and Expenditures.

  • Creation of retail & licensing Avenues to Increase Sales.

Our Approach: About
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